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Poker Tables

Seven Game Table


Designed to accommodate six players with sufficient elbow room to play comfortably, this round 47-inch-diameter hardwood poker table with distressed-mahogany finish features a six-sided tobacco-colored leather surface. Each player position has a chip well and a cup holder.


Race Track Texas Hold'em Poker Table


Beautiful full size "no fold in the middle" table. Heavy duty and made with a metal frame. Race track color is dark woodgrain.


Greeen Texas Hold'em Table


10 Player positions padded felt stainless steel. Cup Holders Padded/Cushion Rim cover by water resistant black vinyl. Steel reinforced frame and Folding Legs 83" x 42" and 100 pounds table comes fully assembled


Consistency and Patience Makes You Win the Game

Having good tournament ethics is what makes a perfect player. One should never leave the game in between even if you are winning or loosing. No one would like to play with you if you don’t have right skill and patience to continue with the game when you are loosing. Winning is not everything that constitutes a play. Yes, I agree that there are also some reasons due to which you have to leave the game in between but they are genuine. But don’t lie? This will only create a negative image on the other player if caught. Be honest when playing poker games. No on knows the best time to play, but you have to be very particular while playing.

no_spyExcept in the case of the forced bets, the money is always placed in the pot by the player voluntary if he believes that the bet is having a positive expected value.

Let us look at some, that when should you leave the game and when not. Once you get into practice, you can then learn easily how to walk on the tightrope.

Rule #1

Even if your opponents are not very good players and they are winning, don’t leave the game in until they do a mistake while tossing the chips. Don’t feel defeated. Wait for the golden opportunity to come and you will definitely win a higher amount. So it’s a strict no for such players because you don’t know when the game will be in your favor. Patience and activeness is the only key to the success of this game.

Rule #2

Tough game does not imply that you can’t play anymore. It is advisable, that for such games never fix a limit on winning otherwise your chances of winning more money will decrease. The mentality of your opponent also has a great impact on your winnings. The superstitious player will always leave the game in between after the regular and continuous defeat from the payer. Set up a stop loss amount so that all your chips are not lost away. Example, if you are playing for $400 then don’t lose more than the half amount that is $200 and if you loose then it will be a foolish act.

Rule #3

Playing poker is a fun game and you can definitely have a good time playing with these small stakes and cutting up with table mates. The table is termed as keepers when playing with full grumps and entertaining characters as well.

Rule #4

If you are tired or got stuck in between by loosing the minimum number of chips required to play then you can leave the game. It is saying that player winning the money continuously will always win the game and vice versa.

Rule #5

Table image is what that matters a lot when it comes to strong rigorous play. Your attitude and your betting habits all have direct influence on the opponent’s decisions during the play. And this is only the main reason of winning the game if you are ignorant of these traits. You should have the knowledge of the weakness in your trait. If you are aware of your personality traits that are best recognized by other to take advantage of then control them and if possible then use them to the best of your advantage. You can give wrong indications to them which increase your chances of winning and there loosing.

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