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Poker Tables

Seven Game Table


Designed to accommodate six players with sufficient elbow room to play comfortably, this round 47-inch-diameter hardwood poker table with distressed-mahogany finish features a six-sided tobacco-colored leather surface. Each player position has a chip well and a cup holder.


Race Track Texas Hold'em Poker Table


Beautiful full size "no fold in the middle" table. Heavy duty and made with a metal frame. Race track color is dark woodgrain.


Greeen Texas Hold'em Table


10 Player positions padded felt stainless steel. Cup Holders Padded/Cushion Rim cover by water resistant black vinyl. Steel reinforced frame and Folding Legs 83" x 42" and 100 pounds table comes fully assembled


Make Sure That You Know About the Odds in This Game

There are plenty of poker strategies available. One very important strategy is to calculate the poker hands and odds carefully and correctly. You must not forget this tip while playing poker. This is one of the most important Texas Hold’em strategies and this can help you big time while you play poker. If you want to become a pro poker player then you need to understand many different types odds like reverse implied odds and implied odds. But among all of them the pot odds play the most crucial part and you must master that first. These are the very basic and you must study this, or other poker guides in detail to keep your bankroll positive.

 How to deal with flops

magneticWhile playing poker whenever the flop happens you need to start calculating the pot odds there. But before that you need to gather all the information to calculate whether you can get benefited from there or not. If you have do not have any business in hand and the board can do nothing for your hole cards and you need to opt for fold option and on the other side the hand you have drawn is pretty strong and you can continue betting and raising.  All these information is important and you need gather all these before you calculate your pot odds properly.

These are some of the situations and if your hand in somewhere in between those situations and you must draw cards from the river and turn to make a strong hand that time pot odds come to the scene. But you need to decide the correct number of cards or “outs” to improve your hand.

Check the flop list

You need to check the flop first. After checking this you can form a straight and then get an eight or a king. You can see 4 eights and 4 kings there. It means you will get total 8 outs. Now you need to calculate the percentage correctly. Check the outs time and then add 1 with it. If you do this then you will have 17% chance to you’re your hand better.

Now after figuring this out you need to make look at pot and also the bet. It will help you to understand whether you need to stay in hand or not. You need to add the pot and the bet amount together. Now divide that with the pot. And now you can see the percentage and decide what you should do. This may sound little tricky. But once you do that practically you can realize this is an easy calculation and it really helps a lot.

If you count that you have bigger chance to win and have to contribute lesser in the pot then you must call that bet. But if in case you see that the chance of hitting your hand is lesser than pot contribution percentage then you must not call there. You can stick with your pot closely to make it sure that you become a player that has profits in the end.

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